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FEBRUARY MUSIC event – a six hour performance realisation of February Music, a visual music series exhibited as part of SOUND ANATOMY, a solo show of work at the Trish Clark Gallery through September.
The February Music event was realised by the Equinox Collective from noon to 6pm, Sept 26th.

Thanks to Derek Tearne for the photo sequence as follows.

visual music sequence & instruments at ready

Performance plot : score instructions
1) 28 charts comprise February Music (devised one per day through the month of February 2015).
The 28 days are displayed left to right in numerical sequence. (Trish Clark Gallery, 1 Bowen St. Ak central).

2). The primary proposed mode of interpretation is rhythmic – i.e. rhythmic phrasings, loops, patterns, actions, ostinatos & any other via acoustic, physical, spatial, electronic, motorized, virtual or imaginary means.

3) Each performer devises and realises their own interpretive strategy, choosing anywhere in the numerical sequence to begin.
Once begun, proceed consistently in one direction or the other through all 28 at your own pace, ending where you began. (Once only through the cycle). Move around freely as you need.

4) Arrival & any preparations, packup and departure (or not) is considered integral to your contribution.

5) Choose whatever time suits you between noon and 6pm to arrive and begin. Finish when you end – by 6 at the latest.
Good luck and have fun.
Phil Dadson.

Equinox Collective performers : Aaron Longville, Darren Hannah, Derek Tearne, Hermione Johnson, Adrian Croucher, Inda Yansané, JY Lee, Kevin Kim, Kristian Larsen, Rachel Shearer, Paul Smith, Phil Dadson, Peter Willis, Rui Inaba, Yvette Audain, Louis Newton, Tony Green's shoes.

Rachel Shearer aka Lovely Midget


Aaron Longville, Inda Yansané, Darryn Harkness

Adrian Croucher

Darryn Hannah, Darryn Harkness

Hermione Johnson

dribbling a bell

Nundrum & Gloopstring-spring-drum

Louis Newton