Sonics From Scratch - Phil Dadson installations, performances, expt'l instruments/sculptures and compositions
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days 1 - 8 (graphite on black painted paper)

February Music – visual music graphics, days 9 - 22

days 4 - 14

Alpha–Omega (graphite on black painted paper)

Compass of Frailty. HD video

Leap (graphite on black painted paper)

Anatomia Sonora da Camera. HD video

Heavy Metal. HD video

Big thanks to Trish, Robin, Owen & Tim, to Camilla,
& to CNZ Arts Council of NZ for supporting the show.

FEBRUARY MUSIC event, a six hour performance by the Equinox Collective of the February visual music series exhibited on the walls, took place on Saturady September 26th, noon to 6pm.
Photos by Gil Hanly.